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Welcome to the Central Maine Regional Resource Center for Emergency Preparedness website.  For further assistance please email us or call our office at 207.795.2960


Influenza Related Contact Information:

It’s time to get your flu vaccineInfluenza activity is increasing in parts of the country and further increases are expected in the coming weeks and months. It takes two weeks for immune protection to fully develop after vaccination. The 2013-2014 vaccine protects against two influenza viruses that are different from those in last season’s vaccine.

Maine CDC recommends all people older then six months receive their seasonal flu vaccine for the 2012-13 season especially if you are:

  • All Maine children ages 6 months to 18 years-old
  • Employees of Schools and Hospitals
  • Pregnant women and their partners (through health care providers who routinely care for pregnant women)
  • Nursing home employees and residents
  • Elderly Residents
  • Any underinsured or uninsured adult in any setting
  • All individuals served by Tribal health centers and Municipal Health Departments
Maine Public Information Hotline for Flu: 1-888-257-0990
Maine CDC Emergency Healthcare Professional Hotline 1-800-821-5821
United States: 
CDC Seasonal Flu website.

Two additional informational websites pertaining to Influenza and Pandemic Flu Planning are www.pandemicflu.gov and www.maineflu.gov

Radio Narrowbanding Updates
Narrowbanding = Reducing the amount of spectrum a radio uses to transmit a message.
In December of 2004, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced requirements to narrowband radio frequencies. We are now quickly approaching the deadline for compliance with that order, January 1st, 2013. By that date all radios & radio systems covered by the narrowband order must be complient with the order. Those failing to be complient will face a cease & desist order on their radio systems and potential fines (up to $10,000) from the FCC.
If your organization holds a license in this frequency range you should check into this further by contacting your radio vendor and/or working with a FCC frequency coordinator. Your local EMA has been instrumental in taking the lead in making the transition to narrowbanding as seemless as possible by setting up informational meetings and contacting radio vendors.  Contact your EMA if you haven't done so already.

 NIMS Reminder: Hospital employees who may take a leadership role or be part of the Hospital's Incident Command System (ICS) in a hospital disaster or emergency incident have to complete NIMS training. You may go online to www.training.fema.gov to fulfill these requirements.

Maine's Health Alert Network Update: Maine CDC has adopted an easy to use two-way Internet-based alerting and messaging system accessible from anywhere.  The Maine Health Alert Network (now known as MaineHAN) provides 24/7/365 up to date alerts and information from Maine’s public health officials. The MaineHAN will be a messaging tool for all public health partners, allowing communication among rural and metro Healthcare Systems professionals, hospitals, health centers, EMS, environmental health, police, fire, National Guard and others.  MaineHAN is a secure web based internet site that is as easy to use as email.
The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness is pleased to announce the roll-out of a new alerting engine for The Maine Health Alert Network (MaineHAN). The new alerting engine, called Response Manager (RM), will dramatically improve our communication during a public health emergency by providing bi-directional, peer-to-peer messaging among first responders and essential public health officials throughout the state as well as the sharing of information on the web portal.  On this web portal, users receive, view & confirm messages via  telephone, email, fax, alphanumeric pagers, cell phones, and Blackberries and can read news & announcements and access other pertinent links & websites. Your user capabilities will be determined by the license level you have been assigned, either Alerting, Collaboration or Administration.  To take full advantage of your license level and  to be able to access the RM, you will need to receive training. This can now be accomplished thru Alerting and Collaborating classes now being offered via Webinar.  An updated Webinar schedule is now available.  To learn more about this exciting new alerting system, contact the Central Maine Regional HAN Administrator at weymouts@cmhc.org or call the Resource Center at 795-2920 for additional information.  If you have already signed up and have a profile and an account, click here to access  The HAN web link

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